Business Center Pharmacy is 25 years of experience and dynamic development in the field of distribution of medicines in the Ukrainian market. The company began operations in 1994. During this time, the way has been made from a small enterprise to a distributor on a national scale, and each stage of its formation is marked by its own approaches and strategies.

Gradually accumulating experience in our industry, we managed to establish cooperation with international and domestic manufacturers of medicines (Baxter, IpsenPharma, Sanofi, EliLilly, Novartis, Hoffman-La-Roche, Takeda, Sandoz (Ebewe), Astellas, Acino, AstraZeneca etc.), paying particular attention to life-saving drugs, access to which is usually difficult or not widely represented. At the moment, the company employs more than 150 highly qualified specialists, who are the driving mechanism for the development of the company.


Initially, the company has chosen a strategy of specialization in distribution. Emphasis was placed on working with hormonal drugs. The result of one of the first contracts in this direction was the partnership with the company Serono.

The priority of work at this stage was the endocrinological segment.

As a result of working in this market, Business Center Pharmacia has direct contracts with manufacturers such as Eli Lilly and Berlin-Chemie.

The first pharmacies of the Hormonal Preparations Pharmacy chain were opened, which later turned from a subsidiary into an independent specialized enterprise operating in the retail segment.


At the same time, the company strengthened cooperation with key endocrinological institutions of Ukraine and medical opinion leaders in this field of medicine. This has resulted in an initiation by Business Centre Pharmacy in conjuction with the Institute of Endocrinology named after V.P. Komisarenko to hold an annual endocrinological conference entittled "Modern standards of treatment in endocrinology."

The experience gained in the development of Endocrinology business has lead to the further development of providing specialized assistance. During this period distribution networks spread to the fields of oncology, psychiatry, and immunology.

These areas are the key activities that the company is known for.


During these years, the priority for the Business Center Pharmacy was to achieve high standards of service in ensuring the availability of high-quality medicines.


Focus on high standards of logistics services in specialized areas has given impetus to the development of services in the field of clinical research. Business Center Pharmacy has become a partner of such well-known research companies as Parexel, Quintiles, PSI, Icon Clinical Trials, and others. In April 2007, our company opened a retail division Ц Pharmacy No. 1 in Kyiv. In 2008, the company became the leader of the logistics service in the field of clinical research. Numerous audits have one hand served as the key to improving the quality of work, while on the other Ц have helped to achieve the European level of service.


Business Center Pharmacia has opened a modern pharmaceutical warehouse, which is designed and adapted to ensure proper storage conditions for medicines in accordance with international standards.

Since the company works with medicines that require special temperature conditions during storage and transportation, providing a Уcold chainФ is one of our key priorities. In addition, realizing the importance of palliative care, in 2017 the company received a wholesale and retail license for drugs.


The result of the development of our company in the field of retail trade in medical products was the expansion of the retail network of pharmacies, which in August 2017 received its individual name Ц УAstrea Farm". In April 2018, the first pharmacy of Astreya Farm was opened in Kharkiv. During 2018, the retail department was expanded to five pharmacies in the cities of one million people: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Dnipro and Lviv . A promising direction of our activity is the opening of new pharmacies for the availability of medicines to patients in all parts of Ukraine.


Our daily work is designed to ensure the availability of vital innovative medicines for patients throughout Ukraine. We are committed to the development of our business, entering into new contracts and active cooperation with manufacturers of medicines, as well as innovative systems. In particular, contracts were recently concluded with companies Ц AvacareHealth International, Teva Ukraine and Sona-Farm. At the moment, the expansion of our activities has also allowed us to bring to the market a product Ц Universal Neonatal Foot Orthotics for Metatarsus Adductus UNFO-s.

Due to our professional approach, careful preparation for certification and responsible attitude of the company to the requirements of the Good Distribution Practice standard in the pharmaceutical industry, Business Center Pharmacia has passed a full audit, receiving a certificate of conformity (є01/2020/GDP).