Бізнес Центр Фармація


A bit of our history.

The Pharmacy Business Center was "born" on October 28, 1998. Until that time, the distribution of medicines was one of the areas of work of another enterprise. In 1998, a separate company was created to focus specifically on the pharmaceutical market.

Registration of BTF took place during the financial crisis of 1998. Many other companies, on the contrary, were then liquidated. But thanks to our qualified employees and reliable partners, BCF not only successfully started its activities, but also created the basis for work for the next 25 years.

It was at that time that the profile of BCF as a distributor of vital medicines was formed. Svitlana Kuchmenko has been working in our team since 1998 and is the head of the logistics department. 

Initially, the Pharmacy Business Center leased office and warehouse space from JSC "Perlyna" in Podil, on the street Andriivska. The office was located in a building along the street, and the warehouse was in a building in the yard. The entire supply of Ukrainian hryvnia, which had already been printed and was gradually introduced into circulation, was stored above our warehouse. Therefore, our security was probably one of the best. Because of this, every visit of partners to us was very carefully coordinated, and employees had special credentials for entry. 

Our first partners were such companies as Eli Lilly (head of the representative office - Vadym Skopychenko), Berlin-Chemie headed by Oleksandr Shevchenko and Servier headed by Roman Gladky. Our clients were pharmacies, state hospitals, and health authorities. 

Pages of the history of the BCF 1998–2003 and interesting facts of those times.

Pharmacy Business Center has changed two locations – on st. Desyatynniy, 12 and on the street Levka Lukyanenko (former Tymoshenko St.), 29. Office and warehouse on St. Levka Lukyanenko became our first own premises.

BCF has signed distribution agreements with such well-known pharmaceutical companies as GSK, Novartis, Pfizer, Roche, Sanofi and others. 

Our successes were recognized by the state and partners:

In 2001-2002, BCF received a certificate of participation in the “Partnership Program” aimed at forming civilized market relations, ensuring transparency and openness of the pharmaceutical market.

In 2003, we became winners in the nomination “For the distribution of vital medicines” in the Fourth National rating of the pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine “Panaceya”.

In the same year, they received the status of “Absolute Favorite of Olympus” in the “Reputation” nomination and the award – a bronze statuette of Hermes. 

In those years, the system of budget financing for the purchase of drugs was just being built, but people needed insulin, cancer drugs, etc. Therefore, barter operations were very common: we shipped medicines to the region, for example, insulin, and instead of money, we were given goods that we had to sell in order to return the money and settle with the supplier.

These processes significantly slowed down financial calculations, and we are very grateful to our partners, who understood the current circumstances and gave us the opportunity to continue working.

At that time, Yevhen Krasnopolskyi – financial director, Oksana Kravchenko – chief accountant, Lyudmila Popova – accountant and Mykolai Butskyi – deputy director of external relations joined our team.