Cold chain and temperature management

Руководитель розничной сети Буцкий Николай Петрович.JPG
Nikolai Butskii

Deputy director general of external relations

An important part of our company's activities is related to the distribution of drugs that require special temperature storage and transportation. We ensure the continuity of the cold chain distribution of drugs by the following standard procedures:
  • Continuous monitoring of storage temperature in stock with two independent electronic systems for temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Specially trained personnel providing refrigeration equipment maintenance, storage and supply of medicines
  • Regular warehouse validation
  • Regular transport validation
  • Documentation of all processes related to the distribution of drugs
  • Immediate response to temperature fluctuations during storage and transportation

To ensure the continuity of the cold chain during transportation, we use high-quality modern thermal containers, specially prepared cold accumulators, and verified data recorders. Transportation is carried out by special vehicles with isothermal booths and units to maintain the required temperature.

  • Development of regulatory documents
  • Process specification
  • Development stage control
  • Development of the qualification performance protocol
  • Development of performance test protocol
  • Functional qualification check
  • Performance test