Бізнес Центр Фармація

Storage and logistics

As one of the leading national distributors of innovative medicines, we pay special attention to strict adherence to the requirements of GDP – international standards for the storage and distribution of medicines.

The modern pharmaceutical warehouse, a single quality control and assurance system, production processes and qualified staff are the guarantee of the highest level of performance of warehouse operations.

Special attention is paid to the process of quality control during the acceptance of drugs, their storage and subsequent transportation under the required temperature conditions, under any weather conditions.

The standards of activity of the company developed and introduced by us, based on risk analysis, thus creating a continuous “cold chain” at all stages of storage and transportation.

We focus on maintaining the compliance of our premises, cold rooms, the process of receiving and shipment of goods, the process of packaging, documentation and control of transport conditions to the most stringent requirements in the pharmaceutical industry.

Deputy director general of external relations

We apply the same approaches to drugs that require special accounting – psychotropic and narcotic drugs, in accordance with the license for the purchase, storage, transportation, importation into the territory of Ukraine, export from the territory of Ukraine, sale, destruction of narcotic substances (list 1 of Table II and the list 1 table ІІІ), psychotropic substances (list 2 of table ІІ and list 2 of table ІІІ) “List of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors”.

Transport and logistics services for the transport of drugs require a responsible approach to each of the stages of the process. This concerns not only the strict observance of the proper transportation conditions, but also the obligatory requirements of the legislation in the field of the international transportation of medicines.

The licensed permit for the international carriage of goods by trucks allows us, when the need arises, to maintain the continuity of the international delivery of drugs, using our own specially equipped transport.