Business Center Pharmacy has been operating in Ukraine for 20 years. Our company has grown from a team of 10 people to a large distributon network on a national scale with a developed structure of wholesale and retail trade of medicines. Today, we are working closely with major foreign and domestic manufacturers of medicines (Baxter, Ipsen Pharma, Sanofi, Eli Lilly, Novartis, Hoffman-La-Roche, Takeda, Sandoz (Ebewe), Astellas, Pharmak et al.). This long-term successful partnership allows us to provide the population with qualitative medicine and a high level of service. Special attention is given to life-saving drugs in the areas of medicine such as endocrinology, oncology, psychiatry, severe infectious diseases, and others, access to which is usually hindered or not widely represented.

1994 - 1998

Initially, the company has chosen a strategy of specialization in distribution. The emphasis has been made on the supply of hormones. The result of one of the first contracts in this direction was the partnership with the company Serono.

Gradually, it became increasingly clear that the provision of specific groups of patients is far from perfect. This served as a stimulus to focus the efforts and prioritize the work in endocrinology segment.

As a result, the Business Center Pharmacy has recieved direct contracts with manufacturers such as Eli Lilly, Berlin-Chemie. Our subsidary, Apteca Hormonalnyh Preparatyv opened its first pharmacy and later became an independent specialized enterprise operating in the retail segment.

1999 - 2001

At the same time, the company strengthened cooperation with key endocrinological institutions of Ukraine and medical opinion leaders in this field of medicine. This has resulted in an initiation by Business Centre Pharmacy in conjuction with the Institute of Endocrinology named after V.P. Komisarenko to hold an annual endocrinological conference entittled "Modern standards of treatment in endocrinology."

The experience gained in the development of Endocrinology business has lead to the further development of providing specialized assistance. During this period distribution networks spread to the fields of oncology, psychiatry, and immunology.

These areas are the key activities that the company is known for.

2002 - 2005

During these years, a priority for the Business Center Pharmacy was the achievement of a high standard of service in all areas of activity. The company's efforts have been marked by a number of awards:

winner of the rating "Leaders of government purchases" in the category of "supplier" (October 2003);

award "Panacea - 2003" in the category of "Distribution of essential medicines" (September 2003);

award "Favorite of Olympus" nominated for "Reputation" (2003).

2006 – 2013

Focus on high standards of logistics services in specialized areas has given impetus to the development of services in the field of clinical research. Business Center Pharmacy has become a partner of such well-known research companies as Parexel, Quintiles, PSI, Icon Clinical Trials, and others.

Numerous audits have one hand served as the key to improving the quality of work, while on the other - have helped to achieve the European level of service. In 2008 the company became a leader of logistical services in the clinical research area.

real time

As of today the company employs 121 qualified specialists. Based on 20 years of success and competitive activity, our company is constantly searching for new opportunities for development, as well as opportunities to supply high quality life-saving medicines for the population. A constant update of the portfolio of medicines rightly makes us one of the fastest growing companies in the market of Ukraine. In particular, a contract with Avacare Health International was recently signed, and the company is currently engaged in the introduction of a new product to the market - surgical gloves.